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Concrete Saw

B.W. Machinery stock the concrete saws Melbourne customers need for all their various applications, from plumbing to landscaping. Bricklayers, council workers, concreters and fire and rescue services will find a sturdy and reliable concrete saw to meet their needs.

We have compact designs with superior power-to-weight ratios, as well as carts that turn hand-operated cut-off saws into nimble and precise cutting machines.

Choose an easy-to-start 2-stroke with economical fuel consumption and low emissions from Stihl and Husqvarna or opt for a battery powered unit designed by Stihl – with no emissions and quiet running it is ideal for indoor use or enclosed spaces.

Concrete Saw for Sale in Melbourne

Amongst our concrete saws for sale you will find flexible machines that can go from cutting steel or metal pipes to bricks and roof tiles. Our machinery offers simple operation and comfortable use, even over extended operating periods.

Buy Stihl concrete saws and Husqvarna concretes saws online, or visit one of our dedicated stores in Oakleigh, Seaford or Cheltenham where our expert team members are on hand to offer advice and help you find the best product for your needs. We will start and test your new concrete saw on site and offer ongoing service and repairs to keep your equipment in the best working order.

Large range of garden equipment in our showroom and spare parts.