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  • Img 9229 Iqiyi
    Powered by Briggs & Stratton Engine, 13.5HP, 38 INCH CUT

  • No Product
    Honda 80 Tooth Blade

  • Shindaiwa Eb262 Blower
    Shindaiwa EB262 Hand Held Blower
    Shindaiwa's most powerful handheld blower, 76.7m/sec

  • 10% off
    Pace 100 550 Engine
    VICTA PACE 100 Mower (550EX Briggs engine)
    18"Deck, 140cc B&S ReadyStart Engine

  • Stihl Metal Keyring
    Stihl Metal Chainsaw Keyring

  • Greenworks 40v String Trimmer 2101507 Kit
    Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer (Kit)
    2Ah battery and fast charger included

  • Greenworks 40v String Trimmer 2101507au
    Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer (Skin Only)
    Use 40V batteries, 30cm(12")cutting width

  • Honda 36v 4ah Battery
    Honda 36V 4AH Battery
    1.3kg lightweight

  • Honda 36v 6ah Battery
    Honda 36V 6AH Battery
    1.3kg lightweight

  • Honda 36v 9.ah Battery
    Honda 36V 9AH Battery
    Professional use, LCD screen

  • Honda 36v Battery Charger
    Honda 36V Fast Battery Charger
    36V Fast charging

  • Aerator
    HONDA Aerator Kit for FG110 Tiller and Cultivator
    Aerate with ease by utilizing the Aerator Kit attachment

  • Digging Tines
    HONDA Digging Tines Kit for FG110 Tiller and Cultivator
    Dig up tough soil with the Digging Tines attachment

  • Edger
    HONDA Edger Kit for FG110 Tiller and Cultivator
    Complete all your border and edging work with the Border/Edger attachment

  • Gx25
    HONDA Mini-4 Series RESIDENTIAL Engines
    Meet world's lightest OHC engine

  • Gcv170
    Optimal power for residential applications

  • Gp200
    The GP engine is Honda’s first light use engine for emerging nations

  • Gx240
    HONDA GX Series COMMERCIAL Engines
    Reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance

  • Gxv160
    Heavy-duty power

  • Gx690
    Higher horsepower, quieter, greater fuel efficiency & convenient controls

  • Briggs&stratton Pump Oil
    Briggs&Stratton Pump Oil 444ml
    Premium full synthetic oil for maximum pump life and performance

  • Solo 3 In 1 Sprayer Nozzle
    SOLO 3 in 1 Sprayer Nozzle
    Multi-pattern spray nozzle

  • Solo Pvc Extension Wand 50cm
    SOLO PVC Extension Wand 50cm
    For increased range

  • Solo Brass Spray Wand 75cm
    SOLO Brass Spray Wand 75cm
    Recommended for use with spray boom or drift guard near ground level

  • Solo Drift Guard With Flat Jet Nozzle F02 80 2
    SOLO Drift Guard
    To protect adjacent rows

  • Solo Hand Piece Repair Kit
    SOLO Hand Piece Repair Kit
    Repair Kit

  • Solo High Reach Spray Nozzle Brass
    SOLO High Reach Spray Nozzle Brass
    Enables pinpoint accuracy over a greater distance

  • Solo High Reach Spray Nozzle Plastic
    SOLO High Reach Spray Nozzle Plastic
    Plastic Adj Nozzle

  • Solo Complete Nozzle Set
    SOLO Complete Nozzle Set
    Comprising 3 nozzles, Universal Application

  • Set Of Seals – 425, 425d, 425lc
    SOLO Set of Seals – 425, 425D, 425LC
    Incl. all sealing parts for stated sprayer types. – 425, 425D, 425LC

  • Solo Set Of Seals – 456, 457, 458
    SOLO Set of Seals – 456, 457, 458
    Incl. all sealing parts for stated sprayer types – 456, 457

  • Solo Set Of Seals – 461, 462, 463
    SOLO Set of Seals – 461, 462, 463
    Incl. all sealing parts for stated sprayer types – 461, 462, 463

  • Solo Universal Wand 1
    SOLO Universal Wand
    Available in 70cm of length

  • Solo Hand Piece Assembly
    SOLO Hand Piece Assembly
    Manual valve set with pressure gauge connection

  • Solo 2 Nozzle Mini Spray Boom 2
    SOLO 2 – Nozzle Mini Spray Boom
    With 2 nozzles, convenient treatment of double rows and large areas

  • Stihl Adjustable Brass Nozzle
    STIHL Adjustable Brass Nozzle
    For optimum spraying results even under changing conditions or in various applications

  • Stihl Car Clean Set For Re88 130 Plus
    STIHL Car Clean Set
    For STIHL RE88 - 130 PLUS

  • Stihl Extension Tube 150mm
    STIHL Extension Tube 150mm
    For STIHL SG10/11

  • Stihl Extension Tube 400mm
    STIHL Extension Tube 400mm
    For STIHL SG31-71

  • Stihl Extension Tube 500mm
    STIHL Extension Tube 500mm
    For STIHL SG20

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Group 330
Large range of garden equipment in our showroom and spare parts.

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