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Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmers

  • 10.4% off
    7493 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA DH221 Hedge Trimmer
    21.2cc, 20inch

  • 11.1% off
    8331 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA DH165ST Hedge Trimmer
    21.2cc, 25inch

  • 11.3% off
    7492 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA DH232ST-24 Hedge Trimmer
    21.2cc, 20inch

  • 8.4% off
    8350 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA DH185ST Hedge Trimmer
    21.2cc, 29inch

  • 10.5% off
    8809 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA AH236S-LW Pole Hedge Trimmer
    21.2cc, 2.4m long

Looking for a great deal on a quality hedge trimmer? At B.W. Machinery, we pride ourselves on providing the best brands and competitive prices on all your garden tools. Whether you’re a commercial contractor or a houseproud gardener, we can provide a great deal for you.

Shindaiwa hedge trimmers are designed and built to the highest of standards in Japan. Our team can provide you with the finest Shindaiwa hedge trimmers available at our three Melbourne locations and we also ship across Australia via our online store. Explore our range now and contact us to find the right product for you. Whether in person or over the phone, our experts would be happy to help.

You can perfectly trim and cut hedges, bushes and other greenery with Shindaiwa hedge trimmers. Offering double-sided blades, anti-vibration technology, and rotating handles, these trimmers are comfortable, ergonomic, powerful and reliable. For precision at angles and heights, try the pole hedge trimmers available from Shindaiwa. These professional-grade long reach hedge trimmers give you the best access to tall and wide hedges and bushes.

Shop in-store or online now for Shindaiwa hedge trimmers in Australia or contact us for advice.

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Group 330
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