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Cylinder Mowers for Sale

Originally found on golf courses and sporting fields, cylinder lawn mowers have now become a popular option in homes around Australia. Whether you want to cut your lawn with a striped finish or you’re just after extra precision when you mow your lawn, the superior reel lawnmowers from B.W. Machinery are perfect for you. We stock a great range of cylinder mowers for sale, showcasing the best and most trusted brands among homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers.

Reel lawnmowers, or cylinder mowers, offer two main advantages that other mowers can’t match. Firstly, they are known for providing a clean and precise cut that doesn’t rip at your blades of grass. This is perfect for the houseproud homeowner who wants to ensure every blade is in place or for those who want to create a patterned finish on their lawns.

As well as excellent lawn maintenance, cylinder mowers are also low-maintenance themselves, providing an easy to look after machine for you. It’s important to note that cylinder mowers are designed for regular lawn maintenance, and a heavy-duty machine will be required if your lawn becomes overgrown.

B.W. Machinery provides the best cylinder mowers for sale, including machines from the Bushranger and Masport ranges. These mowers offer varying cutting heights and widths and come with features such as comfortable grips and great product warranties. Enjoy reduced mowing time, the perfect grass height, and the most precise and uniform finish for your lawn.

Shop online now or visit one of our stores in Melbourne to explore the best range of cylinder mowers for sale.

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