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  • Greenworks 40v Pole Saw Hedge Trimmer 1300607au
    Greenworks 40V Cordless Polesaw & Hedge Trimmer
    Battery included, Polesaw / Hedge Trimmer combo

  • New
    STIHL HT56 C-E Long Reach Pole Pruner
    Portable Design! up to 2.8m, 27.2cc

  • 6.7% off
    STIHL HT103 Professional Pole Pruner
    Lightweight Design! up to 3.9m, 31.4cc

  • 10.1% off
    STIHL HT133 Professional Pole Pruner
    Top Model in STIHL Range! up to 3.9m, 36.3cc

  • 5.4% off
    STIHL HTE60 Electric Pole Pruner (While stocks last)
    Electric! 1.45kw, 2.1m length

  • 4e04d29c137c4735b2d5eec39a4f6f3b
    STIHL HTA65 Battery Pole Pruner (Skin Only)
    Lightweight & Quiet! Use AP Battery

  • B98dc8f10b2149f884460ee338b7dcb7
    STIHL HTA85 Battery Pole Pruner (Skin Only)
    Use AP Battery! up to 3.9m

  • 6.9% off
    Husqvarna 525pt5s
    Husqvarna 525PT5S Polesaw (Seaford Store only)
    Professional telescopic polesaw 10" bar

  • Husqvarna 530ip4
    Husqvarna 530iP4 Polesaw -Skin (Seaford Store only)
    Battery polesaw 4m reach 10"bar

  • Husqvarna 530ipt5
    Husqvarna 530iPT5 Skin (Seaford Store only)
    Battery telescopic polesaw 10"bar

  • Husqvarna 530ipx
    Husqvarna 530iPX Polesaw Skin (Seaford Store only)
    Battery clearing saw 10" bar

  • 7.1% off
    8978 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA PT262S Pole Pruner
    Lightweight & Soft Start Designs! 25.4cc, 3.7m long

Combine all the benefits of chainsaws and hedge trimmers in one with the pole pruners and polesaws available from B.W. Machinery. These innovative, easy to use garden tools will make working at heights and accessing tricky angles a thing of the past. B.W. Machinery proudly offers a wide range of pole pruners for sale, combining trusted brands with the best prices available on the market today.

Working with tall branches and dense, difficult to reach greenery is inherently difficult and delicate work. For professional results, you need a pole pruner that not only offers easy access to these areas but can precisely trim, cut, and provide the results you need.

Our range of pole pruners achieve all of this and more for you. As well as providing unprecedented access, our pole pruners offer steady and stable performance in a highly ergonomic, lightweight package that’s easy to hold and manoeuvre.

Perfect for high branches, dense hedges, and difficult to access greenery, our pole pruners for sale promise both access and precision. Whether it’s for arborist work, ground maintenance, orchard care, professional tree maintenance, or jobs around the home, there’s a polesaw or pole pruner for you in our range.

Working in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, public parks or residential settings? As well as petrol engine pole pruners, we also offer battery-powered electric polesaws that provide great performance, low vibration and quiet operation.

Explore Our Range of Pole Pruners for Sale Now

You can find the very best pole pruners for sale in any of our Melbourne stores or our online range. To discuss your needs and find the best products, simply chat with our team today. B.W. Machinery is available in-store or over the phone to offer expertise and find the right pole pruners for you. 

With brands such as Greenworks, Stihl, Husqvarna, and Shindaiwa, you can pick up a trusted brand pole pruner in Melbourne or have one delivered directly to you.

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