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Group 330
Leg Protection
  • Ga Standard Cotton Drill Overboots
    GA Standard Cotton Drill Overboots
    One size fits all

  • Jakmax Shin Guards
    JAKMAX Shin Guards
    Shin Guards/Knee Guards that offer maximum lower leg protection

  • Stihl Knee Protection 1
    STIHL Knee Protection
    For TriProtect Clearing Saw Protective Trousers

  • 6acaff7a0f614c11a0b92ffeca982a61
    STIHL Leg Protectors
    For MultiProtect & TriProtect Trousers

  • Protective Inserts
    STIHL HS 2-in-1 Leg Protection
    Thigh protection for HS MULTI-PROTECT

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Group 330
Large range of garden equipment in our showroom and spare parts.

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