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Group 330
Lubes, Cleaners & Additives
  • Briggs&stratton Fuel Stabilizer
    Briggs&Stratton 5in1 Fuel Stabiliser 15ml
    Keeps fuel fresh for up to 3 years

  • 730750539e2e48468d3db0e436cdd871
    STIHL Additives – Fuel Stabiliser 236ml
    Keeps your fuel fresh longer

  • Briggs&stratton Gas Off Fuel Odor & Residue Removal Spray 1
    Briggs&Stratton Gas Off Fuel Odor & Residue Removal Spray 236ml
    Goodbye gas and diesel stink and stains

  • Ga Inox 300g Aerosol
    INOX 300G Aerosol
    Anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant

  • Briggs&stratton Pump Saver™
    Briggs&Stratton Pump Saver™
    For all types of pressure washers

  • Stihl Cleaners Superclean 300ml
    STIHL Cleaners – SuperClean 300ml
    Lubricates & removes resin & dirt

  • Tecomec Gearbox Grease 125g
    TECOMEC Gearbox Grease 125g
    For brushcutters, grass trimmers and hedge trimmers

  • 3211
    STIHL Lubes – Heavy Duty Gear Lubricant
    Ideal for brushcutters
    $12.25 – $38.50
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  • E6b3e9df4b1742d981ef3b3991c13130
    STIHL Lubes – Multi Purpose Grease
    Ideal for hedge trimmers and electric chain saws
    $12.25 – $18.00
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  • Stihl Varioclean 710x710
    STIHL Cleaners – VarioClean 500ml
    Desolves & removes organic residue

  • Stihl Multispray
    STIHL Lubes – Multispray 400ml
    Lubricates, dissolves, cleans and protects

  • Bio Multi Use Oil
    STIHL Lubes – Bio Multi Use Oil 50ml
    A versatile multi-purpose oil with a diverse range of uses

  • Stihl Hand Cleaner Citrus Gel
    STIHL Hand Cleaner Citrus Gel
    Containing soaps, detergents and natural citrus oils

  • Stihl Auto Wash & Wax
    STIHL Auto Wash & Wax
    Concentrate formula to deliver more washes
    $9.95 – $29.95
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  • Stihl Auto & Outdoor Cleaner Degreaser 4
    STIHL Auto & Outdoor Cleaner/ Degreaser
    Use to thoroughly clean engines, parts and wheels
    $9.95 – $34.95
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Group 330
Large range of garden equipment in our showroom and spare parts.

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