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Group 330
  • Stihl Ballpoint Pen
    STIHL Ballpoint Pen
    Is the icing on the cake for any STS fan!

  • Stihl Black Belt Urban Axe
    STIHL Black Belt – Urban AXE
    100% Cotton, 120cm long-can be shortened

  • Stihl Kma Cap Black
    STIHL KMA Cap – Black
    TIMBERSPORTS®  Kiss My Axe Black Flat Cap

  • Stihl Travel Bag
    STIHL Travel Bag
    Olive green

  • Stihl Keyring Chainsaw With Sound
    STIHL Keyring Chainsaw With Sound
    Battery-operated chainsaw keyring with sound

  • Stihl Bottle Opener 1
    STIHL Bottle Opener
    Great gift idea for a STIHL fan

  • Stihl Ms 500i Model 112
    STIHL MS 500i Model 1:12
    Collectors model, painted in original colours

  • Stihl Contra Model 1 12
    STIHL Contra model 1:12
    A piece of STIHL history

  • Stihl First Aid Kit
    STIHL First Aid Kit
    A small helper when you need it!

  • Stihl Garden Gnome
    STIHL Garden Gnome
    Belongs in every front garden!

  • Stihl Lanybook Notebook
    STIHL Lanybook Notebook
    Fits easily into a pocket

  • Stihl Lunchbox (plastic)
    STIHL Lunchbox (Plastic)
    Chainsaw design and STIHL logo add the perfect finishing touches

  • Stihl Soccer Ball
    STIHL Soccer Ball
    Very high quality and durable workout soccer ball

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Group 330
Large range of garden equipment in our showroom and spare parts.

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