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Husqvarna Blowers
  • 18.2% off
    Husqvarna 125b
    Husqvarna 125B Blower (Seaford Store only)
    Husqvarna 28cc blower 76 m/s

  • 13.6% off
    Husqvarna 125bvx
    Husqvarna 125BVx blower VAC (Seaford Store only)
    Husqvanra 28cc Blower with VAC kit

  • 13.7% off
    Husqvarna 525bx
    Husqvarna 525BX Blower (Seaford Store only)
    Professional handheld blower 0.9kw 86m/s

  • 9.6% off
    Husqvarna 525ib
    Husqvarna 525iB Blower (Seaford Store only)
    light weight battery powered blower (skin only)

  • 11% off
    Husqvarna 530bt
    Husqvarna 530BT Blower (Seaford Store only)
    light weight backpack blower, 1 kw, 75m/s

  • 6.9% off
    Husqvarna 530ibx
    Husqvarna 530iBX Blower (Seaford Store only)
    Light weight, Battery powered (Skin only)

  • 9.5% off
    Husqvarna 570bts
    Husqvarna 570BTS Blower (Seaford Store only)
    Powerful commercial backpack blower, X-torq engine, 2.9kw




Husqvarna Blowers and Vacs

The Husqvarna blowers and vacs help you work smarter, not harder. Cleaning up outdoors is a breeze with these ergonomically designed blowers and vacs. Set the fan speed on cruise control for easy handling and adjust the tube length for optimum performance.

Here at B.W. Machinery we stock the latest Husqvarna models, so you can choose one with the revolutionary X-Torq® engine that increases fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. Or choose one of their battery blowers to reduce environmental impact even further. These battery powered models are lightweight and emit very little noise – perfect for built-up areas where you don’t want to disturb the neighbours’ peace and quiet.

Husqvarna Blowers and Vacs for Sale in Melbourne

Whether you need a blower or a blower vac for domestic use or commercial purposes, we have a design for you. Ask us about the blower vacs with inbuilt mulching function. These designs are popular amongst homeowners wanting to turn leaves and other garden waste into valuable garden mulch or compost, or simply to save room in the green waste bin. The mulching function is also invaluable for the professional gardener or for maintenance staff who can complete any clean up job faster and more efficiently thanks to the increased bag capacity of the Husqvarna blower vacs that display this feature.

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Group 330
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