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Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

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    STIHL HL94 Professional Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
    24.1cc, 2.4m long

  • Stihl Hla 56 (1)
    STIHL HLA56 Battery Hedge Trimmer (Skin only)
    battery powered, lightweight, 2.1m long

  • 6c4c7146060743aa9ffbe42927c26ed0
    STIHL HLA65 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer (Skin Only)
    Battery powered, 2.5m long, Use AP Battery

  • 224285b39a21457f8783dfda5993ed4e
    STIHL HLA85 Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer (Skin Only)
    3.3m long, light weight, Use AP Battery

  • De9de31f3a90464f967c4b13ad1888a4
    STIHL HLE71 Electric Long-reach Hedge Trimmer
    3.5m long, light weight

  • Stihl Hla 56 Extension Shaft 01
    STIHL Extension Shaft for HLA 56
    extension shaft for STIHL HLA 56

  • 10.5% off
    8809 Ext 01 0
    SHINDAIWA AH236S-LW Pole Hedge Trimmer
    21.2cc, 2.4m long

The tall, sprawling sections and difficult to access areas of your garden don’t need to be neglected anymore. Cut, trim and manicure at any height and any angle with the range of long reach hedge trimmers available from B.W. Machinery. With three stores located across Melbourne and an online range that’s ready to be delivered to you throughout Australia, it’s easier than ever to get a long reach hedge trimmer with B.W. Machinery.

The long reach hedge trimmers available in our range include a wide range of professional quality trimmers. You can use these long reach hedge trimmers in your personal garden and they’re also perfect for commercial use. Whether you’re a contract gardener or a professional landscaper, you can trim through trees, hedges, bushes, and more with the hedge trimmers in our range.

Our long reach hedge trimmers are lightweight, powerful, and come with a range of locking positions. This allows you to access hedges, bushes, and more at a range of different heights and angles. You won’t have to worry about storing these long reach hedge trimmers either. With fold-away design options available, you can extend your hedge trimmer when you need it and completely retract it when it’s time to put it away.

Explore our full range of long reach hedge trimmers online now, including trimmer-only options as well as full kits that come with a battery and charger too. For advice and more information, come and visit one of our stores or give us a call today.

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Group 330
Large range of garden equipment in our showroom and spare parts.

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