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  • Stihl Metal Keyring
    Stihl Metal Chainsaw Keyring

  • Stihl Adjustable Brass Nozzle
    STIHL Adjustable Brass Nozzle
    For optimum spraying results even under changing conditions or in various applications

  • Stihl Car Clean Set For Re88 130 Plus
    STIHL Car Clean Set
    For STIHL RE88 - 130 PLUS

  • Stihl Extension Tube 150mm
    STIHL Extension Tube 150mm
    For STIHL SG10/11

  • Stihl Extension Tube 400mm
    STIHL Extension Tube 400mm
    For STIHL SG31-71

  • Stihl Extension Tube 500mm
    STIHL Extension Tube 500mm
    For STIHL SG20

  • Stihl Fan Jet Brass Nozzle
    STIHL Fan Jet Brass Nozzle
    Highly suitable for rough weed killing
    $20.30 – $31.25
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  • Adapter
    STIHL High-Pressure Hose Coupling
    For STIHL RE163 PLUS

  • Stihl Hollow Brass Cone Nozzle
    STIHL Hollow Brass Cone Nozzle
    Ideal especially for liming

  • Stihl Lance Tip Qc
    STIHL Lance Tip QC
    For STIHL RB Models

  • Nozzle
    STIHL Nozzle Set
    For mounting on SG21-71

  • Stihl Pivot Coupling
    STIHL Pivot Coupling
    For STIHL RB Models

  • Stihl Pressure Valve
    STIHL Pressure Valve
    Specifically for use with hollow cone nozzle
    $84.21 – $86.50
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  • Stihl Rotary Brush
    STIHL Rotary Brush
    For STIHL RE Models
    $126.50 – $285.70
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  • Stihl Split Nozzle
    STIHL Split Nozzle
    Made possible by two directional adjustable nozzles spraying in different directions
    $57.81 – $62.30
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  • Stihl Spray Guard Black
    STIHL Spray Guard – Black
    For STIHL SG20

  • Spray Guards
    STIHL Spray Guard – White
    For STIHL SG21-71

  • Stihl Sprayer Nozzle Holder
    STIHL Sprayer Nozzle Holder
    Necessary for mounting the fan jet nozzle onto the equipment

  • Stihl Telescopic Tube 520 900mm
    STIHL Telescopic Tube 520 900mm
    For STIHL SG21-71

  • Stihl Wash Brush For Stihl Re88 130 Plus
    STIHL Wash Brush
    For STIHL RE88 - 130 PLUS

  • Stihl Water Broom
    STIHL Water Broom
    For STIHL RB Models

  • Stihl Wide Brass Spray Bar
    STIHL Wide Brass Spray Bar
    100cm with 3 flat spray nozzles for application of plant protection products on large areas

  • Stihl Set Of 3 Nozzles For Stihl Rb200
    STIHL Set of 3 Nozzles
    For STIHL RB200

  • Stihl Set Of 5 Nozzles
    STIHL Set of 5 Nozzles
    For STIHL RB400, RB600, RB800
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  • Stihl Long Range Detergent Nozzle
    STIHL Long Range Detergent Nozzle
    A pressure washer accessory that allows application of detergent to hard-to-reach levels

  • Stihl Lance Extension For Stihl Re88 130 Plus
    STIHL Lance Extension
    For STIHL RE88 -130 PLUS

  • Stihl Lance For Stihl Re163 Plus
    STIHL Lance
    For STIHL RE163 PLUS
    $115.60 – $180.20
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  • Stihl Spray Lance With Rotary Nozzle For Stihl Re163 Plus
    STIHL Spray Lance with Rotary Nozzle
    For STIHL RE163 PLUS

  • Stihl Spray Lance For Stihl Rb200, Rb400, Rb600 & Rb800
    STIHL Spray Lance
    For STIHL RB200, RB400, RB600 & RB800
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  • Stihl Extension Lance 1.22m For Stihl Rb200, Rb800
    STIHL Extension Lance 1.22m
    For STIHL RB200, RB800

  • Stihl Rotating Nozzle 3000 Psi Max For Stihl Rb200 & Rb400
    STIHL Rotating Nozzle 3000 PSI Max
    For STIHL RB200 & RB400

  • Stihl 3.0 Multi Function Nozzle 4000 Psi Max
    STIHL 3.0 Multi-Function Nozzle 4000 PSI Max
    Six pressure washer nozzles in ONE!

  • Stihl Rotating Nozzle 5100 Psi Max For Stihl Rb600 & Rb800
    STIHL Rotating Nozzle 5100 PSI Max
    For STIHL RB600 & RB800

  • Stihl Foam Nozzle
    STIHL Foam Nozzle
    Powerful cleaning effect due to foam that adheres to the surface for a long time
    $81.00 – $90.00
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  • Stihl Extension Hose 7m
    STIHL Hose Extension 7m
    For STIHL RE88 - 130 PLUS

  • Stihl Flat Textile Hose With Holder
    STIHL Flat Textile Hose With Holder 12m
    For STIHL RE110 - 130 PLUS

  • Stihl Pipe Cleaning Set For Re163 Plus
    STIHL Pipe Cleaning Set
    For STIHL RE163 PLUS

  • Stihl Extension Hose 7.5m M22 For Stihl Rb200 & Rb400
    STIHL Extension Hose 7.5m M22
    For STIHL RB200 & RB400

  • Stihl Extension Hose 12m Qc For Stihl Rb600
    STIHL Extension Hose 12m QC
    For STIHL RB600

  • Stihl Extension Hose 15m Qc For Stihl Rb800
    STIHL Extension Hose 15m QC
    For STIHL RB800

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Group 330
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