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Cut-Off Machine Wheels


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Able to cut through heavy brick concrete and asphalt, cut-off machine wheels can be an invaluable tool for commercial and industrial contractors. B.W Machinery supply the concrete diamond blade and the concrete cutting blade, each featuring robust and durable designs.

Worn down and damaged cut-off wheels will struggle to provide the result you’re looking for. Once expired, the risk of breakage and OH&S concerns increases by a significant amount. To stop this from occurring, it is recommended that you purchase a brand-new blade as soon as possible.


Sourced from leading manufacturers, our high-grade concrete cutting blades stand up under the most strenuous of conditions. The B.W machinery collection includes various sizes that are compatible with all major concrete cut off brands. Whether you need cut-off blades for Husqvarna, Stihl, Shindaiwa, Partner or Makita equipment, we have you covered.

Each concrete cutting blade for sale is tested and verified for quality by our experienced team members. In addition, B.W machinery offer free delivery and run regular sales for cut-off tools and equipment.


The concrete diamond blade provides efficient, high-powered performance. A diamond blade is comprised of a steel core and a segment. In tandem, they grind concrete surfaces with ease, allowing you to shape heavy material on the worksite.

B.W Machinery’s concrete diamond blade collection is available anywhere between 14’/350mm to 27.5/700mm, with options uniquely suited to different materials. Whatever your individual needs, our dedicated staff can help to ensure that you select the most appropriate option. For a face-to-face chat, simply pop in and visit any of our Bentleigh, Cheltenham or Seaford stores.


Located interstate? No problem, B.W Machinery can supply high quality cut-off machine wheels to any corner of Australia. Whether you require a new concrete cutting blade or a replacement diamond cutting blade, you can always order directly from our online store.

For expert recommendations and advice, our customer line is always open! We can direct you toward the perfect cut-off blade for your individual requirements at a price that won’t break the bank.

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