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One of the biggest battles you can face with a crank start lawn mower is actually getting it started. You stand there and pull a cord repeatedly until the mower finally gets going, by which time you’re already starting to feel tired.

The push button and key start lawn mowers from B.W. Machinery solve this problem. Instead of coaxing your lawn mower into action, you can now simply turn a key or push a button and the engine will instantly start.

B.W. Machinery offers a range of button and key start lawn mowers for sale. You can view our online range or come into one of our Melbourne stores for advice and the perfect mower. Covering commercial and domestic needs, we can provide you with a mower for your garden at home or your contracting and professional requirements.

If you’re located outside of Melbourne, you can shop securely on the B.W. Machinery online store for the best range of key start lawn mowers for sale. For advice and information, feel free to give us a call at any time.  

Push Button and Key Start Lawn Mowers for Sale

Push-button and key start lawn mowers offer all the benefits of a high-performance mower without any of the hassles. User-friendly and with plenty of power behind them, our mowers make for an effortless, satisfying mowing experience, with minimal noise or vibration and maximum comfort. Your new mower will handle all your grass and weeds, including thick or wet grass.

If you opt for key start lawn mowers, you also get an extra sense of security. Keep your key separate from your lawn mower to deter would-be thieves. Without the key, there’s not much they can do with it!

With lawn mower brands such as Victa and Honda available, you can trust the lawnmowers on offer from B.W. Machinery. Explore our range now.

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Group 330
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