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Victa Lawn Mower

  • 10% off
    Pace 100 550 Engine
    VICTA PACE 100 Mower (550EX Briggs engine)
    18"Deck, 140cc B&S ReadyStart Engine

  • 6.4% off
    883241 Victa 18in82v Powercut Rf
    VICTA 82V 18 Inch Power Cut Mower Kit
    Price Includes Battery and Charger

  • 6.5% off
    1687892 Vic 82v Mower Fr
    VICTA 82V 21 Inch Wide Cut Battery Mower Kit
    Price Includes 2 x Batteries and 1 x Charger

  • 881878 Vic Hand Push Mower R
    VICTA 16″ Razor Cut Push Mower
    Hand Push

  • 4.4% off
    VICTA Corvette 100 881893
    18" Deck, 140cc B&S Engine

  • 5.5% off
    881894 Vic Corvette 200 Fr
    VICTA Corvette 200 881894
    18" Deck, 140cc B&S Engine, Mulch & Catch

  • 8.3% off
    881895 Vic Corvette 300 Fr
    VICTA Corvette 300 881895
    18" Deck, 163cc B&S Engine, Mulch & Catch

  • 8.6% off
    Corvette 400 Push
    VICTA Corvette 400 2691635
    19" Deck, 163cc B&S Engine, Mulch & Catch

  • 8.9% off
    881896 Vic Corvette400sp Fr
    VICTA Corvette 400 (SP) 881896
    19" Deck, 163cc B&S Engine, Self-Propelled

  • 5.7% off
    Victa 18v Corvette 18v Starter Mower
    Victa Corvette 18V Starter Mower
    18", 140cc B&S engine, Push Button Start

  • 6.3% off
    881897 Vic Corvette500 Fr
    VICTA Corvette 500 “InStart” 881897
    InStart, 19" Deck, 150cc B&S Engine

  • 881898 Vic Corvette600 Fr
    VICTA Corvette 600 Ultimate (InStart+SP) 881898
    19" Deck, 163cc B&S Engine, InStart & Self-Propelled

  • 881907 Vic Mustang Rf
    VICTA Mustang 881907
    19" Alloy Chassis, 163cc B&S Engine

  • 881908 Vic Mustang Sp Rf
    VICTA Mustang (SP) 881908
    19" Alloy Chassis, 163cc B&S Engine, Self-Propelled

  • 7% off
    881909 Vic Mustang Ultimate Rf
    VICTA Mustang Ultimate 881909 (SP+Instart)
    19" Alloy Chassis, 163cc B&S Engine, Self-Propelled & Instart

  • 4.5% off
    Commercial 19 850 2691596
    VICTA Commercial 19″ 850 2691596
    19" Ally Deck,190cc B&S 190cc Engine,

  • 3.7% off
    Commercial 19 850 2691598 Resize
    VICTA Commercial 19″ 850 (S/P) 2691598
    19" Ally Deck, B&S 190cc Engine, Self-Propelled

  • 4.7% off
    Victa 2691600
    VICTA Commercial 21″ 850 (S/P) 2691600
    21" Alloy Chassis, B&S 190cc Engine, Self-Propelled

  • 10.5% off
    Vcmx484 Vic Commercial Rf
    VICTA Commercial Vanguard 2691595
    Professional, 19" Alloy Chassis, 161cc Vanguard Engine

  • 13.1% off
    Vcmc484 Vic Commercial Rf
    VICTA Commercial Vanguard (SP) 2691597
    19" Alloy Chassis, 161cc Vanguard Engine, Self-Propelled

  • Esp300 Low Profile
    VICTA Lawnkeeper Electric ESP300A
    12" Deck, 1000 Watt

  • Esp360 Lawnkeeper Electric Left
    VICTA Lawnkeeper Electric ESP360A
    14" Deck, 1300 Watt

  • Msp466 Left
    VICTA MSP466 Mastercut 460
    Side Chute, 18" Deck, 140cc B&S Engine

The beloved Victa lawn mower is as well suited to today's varied gardens and busy lifestyles as it was to the old quarter-acre blocks of 1952 suburban New South Wales. As Australia's most trusted lawn mower brand, each new generation of Victa lawn mowers has a lot to live up to.

Victa’s cordless electric mowers offer an innovative and low-noise solution for small backyards, while their 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine designs continue to provide the reliability expected from the Victa brand, with the innovation demanded of today’s products.

Care for your home lawn with the efficient Victa lawn mowers that mulch as they cut, or choose the commercial-ready lawn mower you can rely on for your business needs.

Victa Lawn Mowers for Sale in Melbourne

Call into a B.W. Machinery store today to find a friendly and helpful team ready with expert advice and unrivalled product knowledge. You can talk to us in person at Oakleigh Mowerpower, Seaford Mowers or Kingston Mowers in Cheltenham. If you can’t make it in, why not call us or send an email.

Most products are available to order online. We accept trade-ins and have a quality range of second-hand mowers and other machinery for sale. We stock the brands we believe in, providing generous commercial and domestic manufacturer warranties, and offer a full service of repairs and warranty works carried out by our qualified mechanic.

Victa Lawn Mowers in Sydney, Brisbane and Beyond

Our range of Victa lawn mowers for sale extends far beyond our Melbourne stores. With a great range of mowers available online, you can get your Victa lawn mowers in Sydney, Brisbane, and around Australia when you shop with B.W. Machinery.

With secure online shopping and quick, reliable shipping available, you’ll have your new Victa lawn mower in no time at all. All the mowers and equipment we sell online come with the same benefits available in-store, including great product warranties. If you’re looking for advice on your Victa lawn mowers in Brisbane, Sydney or your location, simply give us a call. Our expert team will be able to guide you in selecting the right mower for your requirements.

Whichever mower you choose, you can be sure that it will live up to both the Victa legacy and the quality and price promise that comes with every purchase from B.W. Machinery.

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Group 330
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