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Stihl Lawn Mower

With a battery-powered Stihl lawn mower, you receive the eco-friendly fuel efficiency of an electric mower combined with the free-moving manoeuvrability of a petrol model. Run on Lithium-ion batteries that are interchangeable with all of Stihl’s cordless garden equipment, these battery-operated designs represent the future of household gardening.

Never worry about heavy, hard-to-start lawn mowers again. Each Stihl lawn mower gives you lightweight and user-friendly perfection. This range includes models for smaller and larger garden environments. Larger units have robust wheels built for rough terrain and excellent grass catching capacity to minimise back and forth trips to the green waste bin.

If you prefer to leave your grass clippings as a strategy to improve your lawn’s condition, simply ask our staff about mulching kits and other optional accessories. With these extra add-ons, your home lawn mower can achieve the very same result as professionally finished lawns.


Fast charging and long-lasting, each Stihl lawn mower comes with compact, practical and easy-to-use batteries. Stihl’s high-powered batteries can be paired with standard, quick charging or super charging units. This versatility has enabled their mowers to be a practical everyday option for professional gardeners and landscapers.

If you would like to find out more about the Stihl lawn mower range, get in touch with the B.W. Machinery team. You can call, email or drop by one of our three Melbourne locations.

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